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Date December 3, 2013

Global energy leadership in the 21st century: Lorraine Mitchelmore, Shell Canada

From a speech by Lorraine Mitchelmore, President and Country Chair, Shell Canada Limited to the Economic Club of Canada in Ottawa:

“Today, in 2013, the energy space has changed. And so we face one of the most critical challenges and opportunities in world history.

“Let me tell you what I mean by that statement.

“The … Read more »

Date November 20, 2013
Steve Williams

Energy for a better world: Steve Williams, Suncor

Excerpt from a speech by Steve Williams, President and CEO, Suncor Energy Inc., at the Oil Council Awards of Excellence Dinner in London, England:

“Canada has a distinct role to play in the world’s energy future.

“When you think of our country, it’s important that you think of us beyond snow and ice, the Royal … Read more »

Date November 13, 2013
Pierre Beaudoin

Pierre Beaudoin (Bombardier) on why we must “open up” to innovation

Excerpt from a speech by Pierre Beaudoin, President and Chief Executive Officer, Bombardier Inc. to the Maclean’s Thought Leadership Series in Toronto:

“Many international think-tanks are pointing to the growing innovation divide between countries. Some are calling it an innovation emergency. We need to make sure that Canada is on the right side of this … Read more »

Date September 10, 2013
Al Monaco

Al Monaco (Enbridge) on the changing global energy marketplace

Excerpt from remarks by Al Monaco, President and CEO, Enbridge Inc., at the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal:

When it comes to energy, there are some long standing realities; howeverthe dynamicsof the business are very different today. One reality is that global energy consumption will continue to increase to support industrial andpopulation growth. … Read more »

Date April 11, 2013
Husky (3) Employees coordinating operations onboard the Jumbo Javlin for website

Solving our skills gap challenge: Michael Denham, Accenture

Address by Michael Denham, Canadian President and Country Managing Director for Accenture, to the Toronto Board of Trade, April 11, 2013:

Thank you very much, and thank you Carol for that warm introduction. It’s a pleasure to be here today – and to have the opportunity to speak before such a distinguished audience about a … Read more »

Date February 8, 2013

Dawn Farrell (TransAlta) on Canada’s energy industry and how to grow during times of economic uncertainty

Excerpts from a speech by Dawn Farrell, President and CEO, TransAlta to the Toronto Board of Trade, February 8, 2013:

“Today I will speak about the need for national collaboration on a Canadian Energy Strategy and how I think such a strategy will make our country exponentially better.

“Canada’s vast energy resources power large segments … Read more »

Date October 17, 2012

Pierre Beaudoin (Bombardier) on making Canada a ‘strong global contender’

Excerpts from a speech given by Pierre Bombardier, President and Chief Executive Officer, Bombardier Inc. to the Economic Club in Ottawa:

“Now there is no question that North America and Europe will remain a strong base for the Canadian economy. Or that we have much to gain by tightening the links between our supply chains … Read more »

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