Desjardins’ Monique Leroux explains why education matters to Canadian businesses

Canadian companies need to do more to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, says Monique Leroux, President and Chief Executive Officer of Desjardins Group.

“We can do this by better tapping the brain power of our great universities – by forging stronger links between academia and the business community and by improving commercialization and financing of research and innovation,” Ms. Leroux said in a speech to the Toronto Board of Trade.

“In addition, we need to address the one critical area where our education system is failing us: the number of university graduates with advanced degrees in engineering, science and financial management. These are the people who create the business and jobs of the future. And we need more of them. Immigration can help, but we haven’t done a great job taking advantage of the skills and education of our immigrants. Instead we have sometimes engineers and PhDs driving taxi cabs.”

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