Canada in the Pacific Century

Can Canada continue to prosper in a world in which economic power is shifting to Asia? What do Canadians need to do to ensure our country’s continued success?

The Canada in the Pacific Century initiative seeks to:

  • Identify and promote key policy solutions that would enhance Canada’s ability to succeed in a transforming global economy;
  • Raise awareness among Canadians of the significance of Asia’s growing economic power and influence; and
  • Improve Canadians’ understanding of the resulting challenges and opportunities for Canadians.

Asia’s rise is the single most important force transforming the world economy at the beginning of the 21st century. No longer merely a source of inexpensive labour and manufactured goods, the region is now the primary engine of global economic growth. Rapid urbanization and the expected doubling of the world’s middle class over the next 15 years will have profound and far-reaching consequences, from unprecedented competition for food, energy and other natural resources, to a reshaping of the multilateral trading system. Countries and companies that adapt successfully to these changes can expect to prosper and grow; others will be left behind.

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