Taking Action for Canada: Jobs and Skills for the 21st Century

Canada’s economic success is deeply rooted in the excellence of our public education system and a diverse, skilled labour force. It is our engine for growth – our competitive advantage.

However, the global economy is evolving. Developing countries, from China to Brazil, are making unprecedented investments in education and training. Countries that were once poor and low-skilled are rapidly moving up the value chain, producing increasing numbers of highly educated workers.

To preserve our quality of life, we must get ahead of the competition. Succeeding and prospering in the 21st century will require a broad national effort to strengthen our human capital advantage. An essential first step should be the development of a comprehensive strategy to better align education and training with the skills our country needs to attract investment and high-value employment in the global economy. Canada can and must be home to the world’s most dynamic and innovative workforce.

Taking Action for Canada: Jobs and Skills for the 21st Century is a call to action to that will bring together business, government and educators to develop solutions, share best practices and engage the next generation of Canadian workers. The time is now for all of us to work together to ensure that Canada’s labour force is fully prepared to succeed in the Pacific Century.

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